Emergency Services in Faizabad

Faizabad and Ayodhya are two very important places as per the law enforcement of the state of Uttar Pradesh is concerned. The Uttar Pradesh State Government has a separate division for these areas. There are a number of Police Stations in these places for the maintenance of law and peace. Due to certain issues in past, these areas are divided into three different zones, like Red Zone, Yellow Zone and Green Zone. The Red Zone has highest security while the two other zones have less security as per the importance. The Red Zone is guarded by huge number of police personals. All the important places in Faizabad as well as Ayodhya are placed under the Red Zone by the law enforcement authorities.

Emergency Services in Faizabad

Police Stations in Faizabad

Here are the telephone numbers of the police stations in Faizabad.

Ayodhya Police Station

Telephone: 9454403296

Bikapur Police Station
Telephone: 9454403297

Faizabad Cantt Police Station
Telephone: 9454403298

Gosaiganj Police Station
Telephone: 9454403299

Haiderganj Police Station
Telephone: 9454403300

Khandasa Police Station
Telephone: 9454403302

List of Police Control Room Numbers in Faizabad

These are some important telephone numbers of different police control rooms which can help the common people in the time of need. All these numbers are toll free numbers.

City Control Room

Telephone: 9454402648

District Control
Telephone: 9415908438, 05278-224218

S.P. City
Telephone: 9454401048, 05278-260283

S.P. Rural
Telephone: 9454401049, 05278-224214

Telephone: 9454401047

Telephone: 9454402585, 9454400208

Fire Department in Faizabad

In Faizabad, the fire department has done a commendable job by teaching the residents to fight with fire effectively. The number of fire-related accidents in this place are very low. The fire department officials closely communicate with different police stations and conduct regular fire drills in different parts of the city. The owners of the shops and other markets have to comply with all the necessary visits and other guidelines by the fire department. It is considered as one of the safest places to live in case of any kinds of fire emergency. Here is the name and address of the headquarters of Fire Department in Faziabad City.

Barabanki Fire Station
Phone no- (05248) 222999
Address: Police Line, Company Bagh, Barabanki- 225001

Blood Banks in Faizabad

Blood Banks in Faizabad Here are the address and contact numbers of the blood banks in Faizabad. Regular blood donation camps are a common feature in Faizabad and these blood donation camps serve the people who are in need. Here is the name, address and contact number of the blood bank in Faiziabad city. Apart from that in emergency situations, one can obtain blood from the private healthcare centres and government hospitals.

Chandan Diagnostic Center & Blood Bank

Mukut Complex
Rekabganj, Faizabad HO, Faizabad - 224001
Telephone: +(91)-9235400973

Ambulance Services in Faizabad

There are a number of private ambulance services in Faziabad. Apart from them, the private nursing homes and hospitals run their own ambulance services for the people.

Janana Hospital Ambulance
Fatehgunj Road
Rekab Ganj Faizabad
Telephone: 05278 222685

List of Chemist Shops in Faizabad

From ayurvedic to allopathic every kind of medicine can be found in Faizabad. Most of the shops are operational 24 hours a day and they even provide medical consultation services to the customers with the help of the doctors. The chemist shops in Faizabad are as follows.

New Shiva Medical Stores

Rekabganj, Janana Hospital Road
Faizabad, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) - 224001
Telephone: 93050 03921

Ingita Medical Store
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001

Modern Medical Stores
College Naveen Market
Gosainganj ,Faizabad, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001
Telephone: 94159 87206

Faizabad Medical Stores
Subhash Nagar, Nakkhas Gali
Faizabad, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001
Telephone: 99368 59666

Shri Balaji Medical Stores
Chouk, Goodrhi Bazar Chouraha
Faizabad, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001
Telephone: 99191 40479

Arya Medical Hall
Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001

Hari Medical Stores
786 Angoori Bagh
Faizabad, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001
Telephone: 99844 88700

Anurag Medical Stores
Naharbagh, Tarang Road
Faizabad, Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001
Telephone: 94738 85553

Popular Medical Store
Rekabganj ,Faizabad,
Uttar Pradesh ( Central ) – 224001
Telephone: 99350 27816
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