Food in Faizabad

Food in FaizabadUttar Pradesh is one of the very important places where a person can find different kinds of food. Hence different kinds of delicacies are common in the different restaurants and houses of Faizabad also. In Faizabad, the Awadhi cuisine is the most popular cuisine, along with Mughlai cuisine. The Awadhi cuisine pattern is somewhat similar to the different kinds of cooking patterns that can be seen in parts of Central Asia, different parts of Northern India and also in the Middle Eastern parts of Asia. This type of cuisine has both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Mughlai cuisine, though a distinct style of cooking, has influenced Awadhi cuisine in a large way.

Food Habits of the People of Faizabad

In general, the households of Faizabad follow the traditional North Indian style of food. Rice and roti are the two staple diets of the people. Also, the people of Faizabad, prefer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods. The day begins with a heavy breakfast, which includes chapattis, daal, sabzi, paranthas, jalebis, etc are important breakfast preparations. What is important to know here is that whether the household is strictly vegetarian or non-vegetarian, breakfast usually consists of vegetarian preparations in Faizabad, like most other parts of North India. Rice is the most preferred dish in lunch and dinner. Rice is eaten with different kinds of other curry based preparations. These curries are mainly prepared with fish and chicken or mutton. Paneer is a popular food in these parts of India. Apart from mutton and chicken based dishes, Awadhi cuisine has developed different paneer based dishes to attract the vegetarian food enthusiasts.


Any discussion of the food habit of the people of Utter Pradesh as well as Faizabad will be incomplete if there is no mention of kebabs. Kebab is an integral part of the Awadhi cuisine and widely popular in Faizabad. One can even spot street shops selling kebabs to the customers. Different kinds of kebabs are popular in Faizabad, like Seekh Kebab, Boti Kebab, Shami Kebab, Kakori Kebab etc. Generally, in Awadhi style of cooking, the kebab pieces are grilled on a “Chula”, a special type of fire place, while in Punjab the kebabs are grilled in a tandoor. That is why, kebabs of Utter Pradesh is often called as “Chula” Kebabs.

Street Food in Faizabad

Chat and samosa are two very popular foods of Utter Pradesh and people of Faizabad are partial to these two foods as snacks. Basically, these two foods have become an integral part of the street food scene of all over India. Apart from chaat and samosa, the street food scene of Faizabad is glorious with the presence of dahi vada, aloo tikki, papri chaat, golgappa and so on.

Some Important Hotels in Faizabad

Here are some hotels in Faizabad.

Panchvati Hotel
Address: Near Deo Kali Bypass Crossing, National Highway-28, Faizabad Ho, FAIZABAD - 224001
Phone Number :+(91)-5278-244500, 325757,+(91)-9984074000, 9415048119
Food for Two: 500 Rupees

K B Singh Dhaba
Address : Lucknow Rd, Faizabad Ho, Faizabad - 224001
Phone Number: +(91)-9695582594, 9451677741
Food for Two: 400 Rupees

Om Vashno Shukla Bhojnalya
Address: Faizabad, Rajkia Polytechnic Ke Samne Lucknow Road, Faizabad Ho, Faizabad - 224001
Phone Number: +(91)-9793412482
Food for Two: 750 Rupees
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