Healthcare Facilities in Faizabad

There are different divisions of Government sponsored healthcare facilities in Faizabad. The Chief Medical Officer is the most important post in health services. In Faizabad, the Chief Medical Officer's office is situated at District Hospital in Rekabganj. Apart from that several community health clinics and public health centres are integral parts of the health scene of Faizabad. Every type of health related services that have been authorized by the State or the Central Governments can be availed by the people at these health centres. In the following part we will look at some of the divisions of Government sponsored healthcare services in Faizabad.

Nursing Home in Faizabad

Faizabad Chief Medical Officer

In Faizabad, the Chief Medical Officer is in charge of all the government healthcare services that are provided to the people.

Below is the contact number and address of the Chief Medical Officer in Faizabad.

District Hospital
Rekabganj, Faizabad
Tel: 224952, 224263

Emergency Ward, District Hospital
District Hospital
Rekabganj, Faizabad
Tel: 220505, 225225

Government Hospitals in Faizabad

LHThe government hospitals in any place are the lifelines of the common people. These hospitals provide all the necessary health facilities to the common people. Apart from that they conduct regular clinics for different illness and aliments. In Faizabad the medical facilities can be availed from these government hospitals.

The names and addresses of the government hospitals in Faizabad district follows next.

District Hospital
Rekabganj, Faizabad
Tel: 226011, 224263

Government Ladies Hospital
Kasab Bara Road
Rekabganj, Faizabad
Tel: 222685

Shree Ram Hospital
Ayodhya, Faizabad
Tel: 223149

Community Health Clinics in Faizabad

The community health clinics are created to help the communities. They do take some pressure off from the government hospitals. In a community health clinic one can find all the basic medical facilities. Some community health clinics have the facility to conduct small operations too. These community health clinics in Faizabad conduct regular health check-ups and other government backed health schemes on the people living in the community.

There are two community health clinics in Faizabad.

Milkipur, CHC
Milkipur, Faizabad
Tel: 9984991837

Rudauli, CHC
Rudauli, Faizabad
Tel: 9451402090

Public Health Centres in Faizabad

These public health clinics offer medical assistance for minimum amount of money.
Here are the names and addresses of some important public health centres operational in Faziabad.

Bikapur, PHC
Bikapur, Faizabad
Tel: 9415081505

Haringtanganj, PHC
Haringtanganj, Faizabad
Tel: 9452328024

Khandasa, PHC
Khandasa, Faizabad
Tel: 9956039942

Mawai, PHC
Mawai, Faizabad
Tel: 9451073424

Maya Bajar, PHC
Maya Bajar, Faizabad
Tel: 9415188447

Pura Bajar, PHC
Pura Bajar, Faizabad
Tel: 9452012116

Suhawal, PHC
Shawal, Faizabad
Tel: 9451966722

Tarun, PHC
Tarun, Faizabad
Tel: 9838820000

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