Shopping in Faizabad

Shopping is intoxicating for most of the people. The people of Faizabad are not different and there are several shopping points in the city. These are probably the most important business centres in the city. Retail business is one of the booming sectors in smaller cities like Faizabad and these places bear testimony to that fact. Some important shopping destinations of Faizabad are discussed below.

Faizabad Chowk

The central market of the city is called Faizabad Chowk. It is situated next to Ghanta Ghar. Different shops, selling from vegetables to utensils, numerous jewellery shops, clothings and shops of different products can be seen here. This Chowk is considered as the heart of retail business in Faizabad. Chowk is also one of the most populous places in Faizabad.

 Faizabad Market Place

Bajara or Subhas Nagar

Bajara is adjacent to Chowk and Sultanpur. The Sultanpur Road, a prominent road in the place is a very important market for different types of garments. The term “Bajara” comes from Urdu and it means cloth market. Some of the major nationalized banks, like the State Bank of India, Allahabad Bank, Union Bank of India etc have their branches here. It is a very busy business centre in the city.


Rekabganj is just one kilometer away from the Chowk. The Rekabganj market is famous for chemist shops and pharmacies. Another important part of Rekabganj market is the seed market. Farmers from different parts of Uttar Pradesh come to Rekabganj market for seeds. It is also a very popular tourist destination and many hotels and restaurants can be seen in the Rekabganj area. Different agricultural scientists regularly visit the seed market in Rekabganj. The Uttar Pradesh State Government considers this seed market as one of the most important agricultural products in the state.


Fatehganj is the wholesale grocery market of Faizabad. People come here to shop for household items and other grocery products. It is very close to the bus stand as well as Faizabad railway station. The strategic location of Fatehganj has been instrumental in its popularity. Like Chowk, Fatehganj is another important point of retail business in Faizabad.

Shops in Faizabad

Below are the names and addresses of some of the prominent shops of Faizabad. These shops sell a plethora of products and widely popular among the people living in Faizabad. Even the tourists coming to Faizabad make it a point to visit some of the shops mentioned here.

Barcelona Showroom

B.B. Shopping Complex Rikabganj Chowk, Faizabad

Arora Brother
137 Reekab Gunj, Faizabad

Bawa Agencies
159 Rekab Ganj, Faizabad

Balaji Collection
B.B. Shopping Complex Rekab Ganj Road Chowk, Faizabad

GJ Freedom Fashions Ltd -Faizabad

C/O Prakash Collection 710, Rakabganj, Faizabad

Arora & Sons
1141 Subhash Nagar, Faizabad

Janta Cycles Company

Khadi Bhandar
Bus Stand Ayodhya, Faizabad

Ambika Electricals
164 Rakhabganj, Faizabad

Sringar Hat Bhandar
Naya Haat Ayodhya

Zuari Furnitures


Khadi Bhandar Cotton Production
Rudauli, Faizabad

Ram Baran Ram Kumar Bartan Vikreta

Bhiti Chauraha Gosaiganj, Faizabad

Khadi Gramodyog Bhandar
Azad Market, Faizabad

R.K. Enterprises
Rekabganj, Faizabad

Awadh Bartan Bhandar
414-Chowk Faizabad

Bhagat Singh Avtar Singh & Co
Sucheta Ganj Sohwal, Faizabad
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